Sewa Bharti is an All India Voluntary Social Service Organization, committed to National unity, integration and self reliance. A band of dedicated workers established “Sewa Bharti” at Chandigarh in October, 1981. The organization is out to help the poor, and helpless living in unhygienic labour colonies of the union Territory and its surrounding villages. It is devoted  to improve the lot of the have-nots, who are deprived of basic needs (amenity) of life and are living  below the poverty line, Sewa Bharti intends to provides such people good education , health and employment .

The main emphasis of the organization is to build a strong character of people coming in contact with the organization particularly the youth, because they are the life line of a nation. The basic plank to achieve the above goal is the well tested, well thought “Sanskar” or a code of conduct developed by our ancient Rishi-Munies and practiced through generations, known as “A Bhartiya way of living”.

Besides, Sewa Bharti has been serving the terrorist effected families and making its valuable contribution by helping the unfortunate victims of natural calamities like earthquake, floods, fires and train accidentants etc. All these noble tasks of social service has been progressing due to the untiring efforts of the dedicated workers of Sewa Bharti, donations from our esteemed donors, blessings and active cooperation of the public, our efforts are also blessed by an active support from Chandigarh Administration and Social Welfare Advisory Board in the form of grants. With the good wishes and blessings of our well wishers, we hope much faster progress in the days to come. Among the numerous on going projects of Sewa Bharti, Chandigarh, the following deserves special mention.