Sanskar Divas

Last but not the least, to realize the main theme of Sewa Bharti every Saturday a Sanskar Diwas is observed by the students of computer and tailoring centres of Sewa Dham. They Discuss various social, national and Spiritual topics or issues like how the Indian civilization developed. How temples became the epicenters of our first civilization. How vast knowledge of philosophy, astronomy, medicines, surgery, ethics, war machinery was gathered by our Rishies to protect the ever growing population of the Shindhu Ghati or the Bhart. The World has recognized three great epics only, and two of them are Ramayan and Bhagvat Prayan, these epics have dealt with all the aspects of human life in detail like “Why and how we all living in this part of the world came to be known as Hindus, a stable lasting marriage system what were the duties and vows involved in it and scores of other Indian mythological topics are discussed by boys and girls, there by exposing them to the true sense of Indian way of living with love and dignity and honor.”

            The topics discussed are compiled and placed in a Wall magazine named as “Darpan”. The aim of this effort is to minimize the onslaught by foreign culture and protect our Indian culture to the extent possible. The students are also made aware of the pit falls and dangers of western culture being forced upon unchallenged by the media.